An end of a journey meant a beginning of …..

An end of a journey meant a beginning of …..


Hi all, let me welcome you all to this site.

I want to start by telling you all a short story that meant a beginning of many things.

The story is of Rootvij Kadakia, who at the age of 26 years passed [and I still hate this word] away while trying to save his mate who was caught up in the rip near a beach in Victoria.

I have known Rootvij as a friend for a bit over than 5 years. Few words that describe him are: –

* Friendly and always smiling
* Eager to help
* One who never gives up
* Loved his sports
* A kind hearted human being

Rootvij’s physical absence does mean a lot to people who knew him and his family. But it meant that friends and family wanted to do something to avoid such happening from occurring again. Something had to be done to create awareness while people are on the beach and in the water. We wanted to create/develop something that could educate people on beach awareness. We wanted people to be able to recognize the dangers on the beach before they enter the water. And above all, we still wanted to continue spreading the goodness in the world that Rootvij was spreading all this lifetime.
Rootvij wanted to make a difference in this world and we are trying to do the same by educating people and to try and save lives one at a time.

And this led to the birth of Rootvij Kadakia Foundation [More about this in the About Us section].

This site and the related activities is one of the primary aims of Rootvij Kadakia Foundation. is a site dedicated to making people aware of beach safety. We strongly believe that beach is a place to relax and have fun. And in having the skills to read the beach we can keep it that way. This site aims to make people aware of beach safety. This will be done by running in house and on the beach sessions and we also intend to share a lot of information about beach safety on this site [Much more is planned once we have momentum going].

We have partnered with Life Savings Victoria who are experts at running beach safety programs.

And to end this first post, we will like to show our gratitude to all the people who have been involved with this Foundation and the site and who have helped us to get this far.


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