RKF First Members Meeting held on 9th Aug

RKF First Members Meeting held on 9th Aug


We held our first public meeting on 9th August in Melbourne. The purpose of the meeting was to give an update on the progress of the Foundation. Also, as we’ll need resources when we plan and host the training courses, we invited the attendees to become official members of the Foundation.

There were more than 50 attendees at the meeting including Nigel Taylor (CEO of LSV) and David Holland (Manager of LSV).

Chandra Bhuta welcomed the attendees and then Mounil Kadakia, co-founder of Rootvij Kadakia Foundation informed the attendees on the progress of the Foundation so far, its aims, the timeline and plan to achieve those aims and the structure of the Foundation. Mounil mentioned that the culture of the Foundation will be one where people will have fun while striving to deliver what is a very serious message to the community.

Mounil also unveiled the logo for the Foundation’s first initiative; Read The Beach, and gave a sneak peek at the ReadTheBeach website design.

David Holland from LSV provided an in-depth look into LSV’s history and activities. He aptly conveyed the message to the audience on how RKF and LSV will work together to further spread the beach safety message in the coming years.

Nigel Taylor also took the opportunity to tell the audience how LSV envisions the relationship between LSV and the Foundation. In a very generous gesture, Nigel pledged $1000.00 to the Foundation.

Tejas Patel thanked the attendees summarised the presentations of the day. This was followed by a Q&A session which was very interactive and provided the attendees an opportunity to have put across their thoughts. This session also brought up some very good suggestions and ideas.

This was followed by some home-made sandwiches, light snacks and coffee

On the whole, the meeting provided an in-depth insight into the Foundation’s background, its aims going forward and the role that LSV will play to help the Foundation in spreading the message of Beach Safety.