RKF First Merchandise Tees!

RKF First Merchandise Tees!


We have produced a lovely T-Shirt and it is designed to spread our Beach Safety message and give more exposure to our campaign. It will also help us to raise some much needed funds for our activities. We are aiming to sell at least 500 T-Shirts this summer and you will play a major role in our success.

Check out the design of the T-Shirt HERE

There are a few reasons why we decided to do this:-
1. To spread our Beach Safety message
2. Get more exposure to our campaign.
3. To raise some much needed funds for our activities.
4. Everyone wears a Tee!

Here are the details of the T-Shirt and how you can get your hands on one (or more)
Available sizes and size chart:-
CHEST (cm) 52.5 55 57.5 60 62.5
LENGTH (cm) 67 69.5 72 74.5 77

LADIES 10 12 14
BUST (cm) 42 44.5 47
LENGTH (cm) 55.5 57.5 59.5

Cost per T-Shirt:- $23 ($20 T-shirt + $3 normal postage)

Please read all the instructions before making the payment.
It is very important that you strictly adhere to the following instructions to ensure that we are able to deliver your T-shirts.
I. Deposit the appropriate amount in the Foundation’s bank account. When making the payment, please ensure that in the transaction reference/message you put the following details:
• Your FirstName
• FirstLetter of your last name
• The word ‘Tee’.
For e.g., if your name is John Smith, then you’d put in “John S Tee”.

Make a note of the transaction reference as you’ll need it in the next step

II. Fill in the online order form by clicking on the link below:-

If clicking on the above link does not work for you, please copy and paste it in your browser.

Note: – To complete the order form, you will need the Transaction Reference that you put while making the payment into the Foundation’s bank account.

III. It takes upto 3 business days for us to receive your payment. We will deliver the T-Shirt ASAP once we receive your payment and we appreciate your patience.

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