Beach Program for 200 Vic Uni int’l students

Beach Program for 200 Vic Uni int’l students

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After successfully conducting the first ever Beach Program in January 2010 for international students, on the 13th of March Rootvij Kadakia Foundation in partnership with the Victoria University organized a beach program for their 200 international students.

This event was part of the orientation program for the newly arrived students and it was great to be able to provide them with the water safety education right at the very beginning of their stay so that they can safely enjoy our wonderful coastline whilst they are in Australia.

Victoria University did a wonderful job of advertising the event to its new students and as a result, 200 students from more than 15 different countries participated in the event! We are very proud of the fact that this was the largest group of students took part in such an event ever!!

The weather was beautiful and the event kicked off with a barbeque after which Life Saving Victoria (LSV) gave a briefing about beach safety and the various things to be watched out for while enjoying the water and the beach. The students were then divided in several groups to participate in wet and dry activities. Most of them opted for water based activities given the weather was amazing and some students also enjoyed the dry activities on the beach.

LSV had a fun filled day planned for the students. Getting in the water at the beach involved exciting activities using bogey boards, surf boards and safety awareness activities which included how to signal when in distress or when one separates from a group in the water. LSV also demonstrated on how to use the life saving rescue tube and students got a first hand experience on using it.

The students also got a chance to play beach volleyball and participated in a race on the beach!

To wrap up the event RKF and LSV gave a parting gift to the students. The Foundation also handed out the Foundation’s lovely T-Shirts to a few students.

On the whole the event was an enormous success and everyone involved had a lot of fun. We were able to pass the beach safety message to lot of students.

Of course this would not have been possible without the great efforts of the VU staff, RKF volunteers and LSV.

Victoria University are very happy with the whole program, its content and the value the program delivers to the students. As a result, Victoria University and RKF will be conducting a similar event for summer 2010-11!

It was an apt end to RKF’s activities in its first summer. What started as a thought; inspired by the selfless act of our dear brother Rootvij Kadakia; has grown into an organisation of more than 60 people who are determined to spread beach safety awareness to as many people as possible.

We have received amazing support & interest and we will surely carry the momentum that we have gained this year into the next summer!

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The following testimonials and comments go to show just how valuable and fun the event is!!

“It was a very nice saturday. Thank you very much for the support. I regard it es very necessary to teach international students how to behave in the sea. Like me, many students are not used to go for a swim to the open sea. I hope following students have the opportunity as well.” – Student from Germany

Overall, the big beach day was fun and exciting. Before starting of with the events, it was good that the team made an awareness of how the beaches and lifeguards in Australia work.” – Student from Fiji

“It’s a very fun and educational event for students (especially international students)to learn about safety in the sea. I’ve learnt the basics on how to keep myself safe in the sea from these sessions.” – Student from Fiji

It was a great day for all international students who enjoyed themselves at the beach. Thank you for that. – Student from Fiji

“Hope more similar activities can be organized~ I really appreciate this event. Also, i hope if there are new events, students who have joined before, like me, can be informed by direct email.” – Student from China

“It was a nice event as i enjoyed it very much it’s not only educate us when we are in the beach we’re also having an interaction with other friends from overseas
besides that, the instructor was kind and willing to help us in the usage of the device” – Student from Indonesia

“Thank you for inviting us to such a great activities, I did enjoy it. Wish there will be more activities like this.” – Student from Korea

“It was a great day for me. All staff was wonderful people. Thank you!” – Student from Thailand

“I love what you are doing to the students. Its a valuable experience that need to be taught to many students.” – Student from Fiji

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