Welcome to Read The Beach


Welcome to Read the Beach

Welcome to our Read The Beach website. The site has been launched as an initiative of the Rootvij Kadakia Foundation. Please feel free to browse our site and find out more about our cause and what we stand for.

This Foundation has been formed in the memory of an extraordinary individual, who we came to know as Rootvij Kadakia. In 2009 Rootvij lost his life at Lake Tyers beach in Victoria doing what we have always come to expect of him, which is trying to lend an unconditional helping hand. On this particular occasion Rootvij attempted to save a friend from the troubled waters at Lake Tyers. Rootvij would always try to help those in need, and this website is dedicated to him and his never-ending helpful spirit.

The words Read The Beach are commonly used in Australia with reference to making an informed judgment on the behavior of a beach.

Read The Beach refers to such things as:-

Ø The tide

Ø The state of the rips in the water

Ø Whether it would be safe to enter the water at a particular spot.

Ø Where the flags are located

Ø Whether there are any lifeguards on the beach, and other considerations.

Unfortunately, not everyone in our general population posses the ability to consider the above mentioned elements of beach safety. As a result the individual is not in a position of making an informed decision about beach safety.

A significant part of our population now includes migrants and in particular international students. Hence spreading beach safety awareness amongst the community has become vital so as to ensure their safety and guarantee them a more fun-filled time when visiting one of the many beaches on our wonderful coastline.

We have had some wonderful support from our partners at Life Saving Victoria (LSV). The Foundation aims, in the first 2 years, beginning in the Summer of 2009/early 2010, to reach out to various universities in Victoria; targeting in particular international students. With the help of LSV, the Foundation will conduct various programs with the intent of educating them on beach safety. After the 3rd year of its inception, the Foundation aims to not only continue this work with international students in Victoria, but to also reach out and work with other migrant communities in Melbourne.

There has been a wonderful response to our initiative so far, from so many people. Thank you for visiting our website, and please explore the site at your leisure. We hope you will take away with you the values that we espouse, and will help spread the word about us to others.