MUIC Supporting RKF

MUIC Supporting RKF

LatestEvent In October 2009, the Melbourne University Indian Club (MUIC) hosted a cultural evening called ‘Manoranjan 2009’.

The event was attended by a 300 strong audience and was held at the National Theatre in St. Kilda. The evening featured captivating song and dance performers from high schools all across Melbourne which made this event a roaring success. To top it off the crowd was witness to a spin off from the popular TV series “Thank God You’re Here”. MUIC did a fantastic job in planning and executing this event. Most importantly all this activity was for a noble cause.

The aim of Manoranjan 2009 was to reinforce the rich and diverse Indian culture amongst the next generation of Indian students living and studying in Australia. As a part of their daily lives these students are naturally exposed to the rich Australian way of life within which a Beach Culture forms a big part.

RKF recognises the need and opportunity for raising water safety awareness; in particular Beach safety. Manoranjan 2009 presented the foundation an ideal opportunity for reaching out to the Indian student community and spreading the message of Beach safety.

Mounil Kadakia; co-founder of Rootvij Kadakia Foundation was present at this event and went on to introduce the Foundation and its objectives. Members from the Foundation also contributed on the night by talking to the guests and distributing relevant brochure.

MUIC have donated all of the proceeds from this event to Rootvij Kadakia Foundation. RKF sincerely thanks the MUIC for selecting the foundation as their beneficiary in 2009 and especially for making us a part of their future events.