First Beach Program for International Students

First Beach Program for International Students


RKF and Box Hill Tafe joined hands to conduct a Beach Program for international students.

On the 20th of Jan 2010, Rootvij Kadakia Foundation partnered with Box Hill Institute of Tafe in Melbourne and conducted a Beach Program for their international students at the Chelsea beach.

This was the first time in Victoria, where newly arrived international students participated in such an event. It was an occasion for great pride for RKF because this is exactly what we wanted to deliver in our first year; educating the International student community about water safety. Hats off to Box Hill Institute of TAFE also for taking the initiative to educate their students on this very important topic. This event was part of the student’s orientation program. RKF and Box Hill Institute of TAFE shared the cost of conducting the course.

There were students from South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Iran and various other countries.

Although the day started with some cloud cover, we had all the sunshine we wanted by the time it was time to go to the beach! The students learnt about various aspects on beach and water safety and got a chance to get wet too (of course under the very watchful eyes and guidance from the lifeguards of Life Saving Victoria). The atmosphere was great and everyone had a great time and in the process, they took home some very valuable knowledge and we hope that they will have a safer experience whenever they go to the beach while they are in Australia.

The students, Box Hill staff, RKF volunteers and the Life Saving Victoria staff, all had a big smile on their face as they got back onto the bus to go back home!

Here’s what some of the students had to say:
“Today, a bit cold but I had a very good time. Especially boarding was very fun for me”

“I’m excited for joining this programme. I tried and learnt many things I never done before. Thanks for coach and any other people who help(ed) me. I won’t forget this day”

“It was fun experience at Australia’s Chelsea beach. Even though I didn’t bring clothes, I (was) still happy to get wet. Everybody was nice and friendly, as well as, weather and the beach. Thank you for letting us participate in this workshop. It is useful and practical”

“I have gained some useful information about safe swimming at the sea in Australia. I have been taught how to play cricket and I’ve played soccer at the beach. I really had a lot of fun. Thank you so much!”

“Today was a great day. Everything was fantastic. I have gained much good information about water safety. I will never forget this nice experience”

It was a very successful event and we at RKF hope that we can continue this partnership with Box Hill Institute of TAFE to keep spreading the water safety awareness to their students in the coming months and years.

This event also got some good media coverage. This was also important as this would help spread awareness on this topic and our efforts to a larger audience.
Indian Link newspaper article
Mordialloc Leader article

We also had a 20 minute live radio interview with the Indian Link Radio where we got a chance to talk about our event and Foundation to a very large audience.

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